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jillianmichaels's Journal

Jillian Michaels LJ Unofficial Fan Club
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I see quite a few LJers have put Jillian as an interest!

This isn't a sex community. It's fine to post she's pretty, because she is!

Jillian is a HUGE inspiration to me. I've read her book 5 times, and I NEVER miss an episode of "The Biggest Loser".

I would love for this group to be a place to talk about things we've seen her on, post a notice of places she's going to be on, and talk about inspirations...etc. Are you following her book? Is she just an inspiration? Want to talk about the show?!?! Have pictures?!?! Basically anything Jillian!

If you know anything about her, Jillian is a caring person...she also helped a FAMILY lose weight. That family had a TEEN in it. Jillian can inspire so many different ages...so please keep it family friendly. With the obesity crisis, I would love for this to be a place for 12 and up. Please keep that in mind when posting.

If we do get trolls (I really don't see a point in a community like this), just ignore. I'll delete. I'm on LJ daily.

Right now membership is open. Posting is members-only, but not moderated after that. I'll change that if I need to later.

Anyway, please introduce yourself!